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Listing Policy Listing Policy & Guidelines

General Terms and Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with’s Listing Policies and Guidelines (the “Listing Policies”) prior to entering a property listing on the website. All listings are subject to the Listing Policies.

Listing Review

All listings entered on may be subject to review by company personnel (“Research Team”). reserves the right, but not the obligation, to review any listing entered by Customer on Although Customer’s listings may be subject to review by the Research Team, Customer remains solely responsible for abiding by the Listing Policies and’s Terms and Conditions. The Listing Policies prohibit Customer from entering any listing that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any party, or that otherwise violates’s Terms and Conditions. By entering listings on, Customer warrants and represents that Customer owns or otherwise controls all of the rights to such content including, without limitation, all the rights necessary for Customer to provide, post, upload, input or submit such content. Customer acknowledges that cannot police or control all of the content provided by Customer(s) that is made available on

New listings added to from first time listers are examined to determine whether such listings are in compliance with the Listing Policies. In the event the Research Team determines a listing (new or otherwise) violates the Listing Policies (including, but not limited to containing inaccurate or incomplete information), the Research Team will contact the Customer about such listing, clearly stating how such listing does not conform to established Listing Policies and offering solutions on how to rectify the deficiency. in its sole discretion reserves the right to remove any and all content that violates the Listing Policies, including disallowing listings from the Service.

Required Fields

All fields noted by an asterisk (*) on the add property page are required fields and must be completed with valid data pertaining to the property being listed (“Required Fields”). Property listings where data is missing or data entered in the Required Fields is deemed illogical will be removed from the site until valid content is entered in the Required Fields.  If the Customer updates a critical field which conflicts with the company’s property level data, the Research Team will review and approve/deny the updated value.  If denied, the value will revert to the company’s property level data value.

Address Fields

All Address fields on including Address, City, State and Zip Code are Required Fields. These fields are intended for listing the physical address in the United States of the property being listed. In lieu of the address, an intersection or APN is acceptable when the property type is Land / Agriculture, or the construction status of the property is Under Construction / Proposed. These fields are not for the listing of additional information about the property (see Property Description). Entering “Confidential”, “Call Broker”, “Withheld”, or any other verbiage designed to withhold, hide, and/or conceal the physical address in the Address1 or City Name fields is strictly prohibited. reserves the right to remove any and all property listings with non-address related or invalid information in any address specific field with or without contacting the listing broker.

Property Description

Property descriptions are for the description of the property that is for sale or for lease only. The posting of contact name, phone number, fax number, company information or URL links for any contacts including those who are not members is strictly prohibited in this section. This type of information in the Property Description field will be removed from the listing and the listing broker will receive an email informing them of the change. Habitual violations of this policy will result in’s removal of all of such Customer’s active listings on the Service until all such content has been appropriately rectified.

Property Type

Properties must be identified with the appropriate property type. Customer has option to select up to three (3) ‘Also Market As’ property types. reserves the right to change or remove property types deemed to be misleading.


A valid Sales Price in the Price Asking field for the listed property is required for all Sale Listings and a valid rental rate for each space is required for all Lease Listings. reserves the right to remove all listings that are deemed to have invalid prices or rental rates including any listing with $0 listed in Lease Rate, Sales Price and Opinion of Value fields.

Listing Parameters

In order to maximize the features of the service, Customers should note certain parameters in the listing process.

Commercial Property is a web site for commercial real estate. Listing of single-family residences is prohibited on the website, except if such residences have a residential income purpose (e.g. to purchase a residence whose customary use has been as a rental property), in which case such properties may by listed under the Residential Income category only. The listing of single family residential income property under all other categories is prohibited. Any listing deemed to be a non-income generating, single-family residence will be removed from the system during the listing approval process and an email will be sent to the Customer stating that the property has been identified as a single-family residential property.

Contact Information

Premium Subscriber Listings added to the web site will receive Premium Lister benefits if the Primary Contact referenced for that listing is a Premium Lister within his or her Premium Listing Plan.


Property Listings prohibits the listing of a single property more than once on the web site at the same time. A duplicate is defined as the same space and property availability listed under more than one Listing ID. reserves the right to remove any and all listings that are determined to be duplicates with or without contacting the listing broker. Customers may, however, list a property for sale and for lease at the same time.

Business For Sale Listings prohibits Business For Sale listings if there is no commercial real estate for sale. Business For Sale listings with commercial real estate for sale are permitted and must adhere to the Listing Policy.

Space Listings prohibits the listing of the same space more than once on the web site at the same time. A space listing is defined as a single suite or unit of space listed for lease. provides minimum divisible/maximum contiguous options for divisible space. Total space available in a building cannot exceed the total square footage of the building and total space available per floor cannot exceed the typical floor size. reserves the right to combine duplicate space listings into a single listing or to remove the listing from the system with or without contacting the listing broker.

Listing Quantity, Submission, and Display

Members may list an unlimited number of listings on Premium Lister subscription provides Premium exposure for the number of listings paid for in the Premium Listing Plan. Premium Listers must list all Premium listings in accordance with’s Terms and Conditions. Standard Listings submitted to will be available on and will not be fully displayed in search results for searchers to view.

Use of Photographs, Videos and Document Attachments

Building photographs, videos and document attachments posted, attached, or affixed to listings must be actual photographs/videos/documents of the building being listed. All such photographs, videos and document attachments must be either (a) the property of the listing broker or (b) the listing broker must have received all necessary rights and authorizations, including from the photographer/videographer and/or copyright owner of any photographs/videos, to publish such photographs/videos on the Customer’s website or on’s website for the purpose of advertising the subject property. Photographs, videos and document attachments uploaded that are not directly related to the building or property being listed, including brokerage company logos, may be removed at the discretion of

Prohibited Conduct

Customers are advised to refrain from engaging in the conduct specified in this section, as it is not permitted on the Service.

“Billboard” Listings

Listings on are for properties that are currently offered for Sale or Lease. It is not permitted to post listings on the Service that have already been sold or are no longer on the market, i.e. posting listings on the Service for marketing or advertising purposes (“Billboard Listings”). All listings for properties already sold or off-market will be removed.

Keyword Manipulation offers the ability to search for properties on key words. This is designed to enable searchers to narrow their criteria based on specific requirements. Keyword manipulation is unfair to searchers by returning listings that clearly do not meet their criteria. Keywords identified in the property name, property description, location description or property highlights field that are clearly not relevant to the property being marketed will be removed by Listing Review. Habitual abuse of this policy by a Customer may, at the sole discretion of, lead to the removal of all of that Customer’s active listings from the web site and suspension of that Customer’s ability to list properties on the Service.

Offensive Language

Use of profanity or vulgar language in any section of the database is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of language that is generally considered obscene, profane, sexual, hateful, or racist in nature. Listing or user information that includes profane language will be removed from the Service immediately. Customers posting such language to the web site may be subject to disciplinary action, including indefinite suspension of a Customer’s account, temporary suspension or a formal warning.

Last updated: January 26, 2023